Sunday, December 19, 2010

you = awak = dia = .......

baru2 nie ada la bkak blog sapa nth n mas terdengaq lagu kat blog 2.....tajuk lagu 2 YOU....nyanyian Nur Jannah Alia.....1st time mas terdengaq dah jatuh ati ngan lagu 2.....macam sweet sgt.....maybe korang suma dah penah dengaq and dah muak ngan lagu 2.....tapi mas mmg 1st time dengaq....and lepas 2 jadi berulang-ulang lak mas nak dengaq....hehe.....bait2 lirik lagu 2 pon simple tapi full of meaning......and i really2 dah fall in love with it~~~~ ^_^

kalau rasa nak dengaq 2 google ja kat YOU TUBE k....hehe.....nie la lirik lagu 2.....


you were there to light my day

you were there to guide me through

from my days down and on

i'll never stop thinking of you

how can i forget all that

went you're the one who make me smile

you'll always be a part of me

how i wish you were still mine

never will forget the day

how we're met and came this far

we all know we got this feeling

but somehow it has to end up here

i know it's me who said goodbye

and that's the hardest thing to do

cause you mean so much to me

and guide the truth from me to you

for all the things i've done and said

for all the hurt that i've caused you

i hope you will forgive me baby

cause that wasn't what i mean to do.

p/s: to you~~~

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